I want to thank each and every one of you for taking such good care of my father Jules Sanders in my opinion, you gave him the very best care that anyone could ever receive! You all were not only very professional but demonstrated a genuine loving care that was apparent all the time.

You are very special not only to the Hallmark but to those you care for and their family and friends. You are their extended family.
I gratefully admire each and every one of you an and extend my heartfelt thanks for all you have done for me and my father.
With sincere gratitude,

Dr. J Sanders

I would like to let you know that the care my mother, Lola received at the Hallmark Assisted living Palm Springs, CA was Outstanding. The staff could not have been more caring, helpful, and yes loving toward my mom and my self.

From the moment my mom arrived on March 7, 2011 to the time my Mom passed away (far too soon) we felt welcome. During that short time my Mom immediately became part of the Hallmark family. From her apartment to the food, it was all 1st rate.
The director of the Hallmark, Gloria Gourlay is one of the finest people I have met. From the moment I met her when I was looking into assisted living for my Mom she was incredible. She helped me every step of the way, including with my grief after my Mom passed away. I can’t emphasize enough what a wonderful person she is.
My Mom had a short time at the Hallmark, but she was very happy there. I would recommend the Hallmark to anyone in need of Assisted Living.

P. Matteucci


 Thank you - each one, who helped to make my sister’s last days is comfortable and cheerful as could be. With love from her and from me for all of your efforts.

V. Busller

My father, E. Grant (Sr.) lived until he was 95 years old. He spent his final years living at Hallmark. I know he was quite satisfied there because he told me so. In addition, I made it a point to observe the facility while he was living there.

 I just wanted to thank you for your kindness to our family, during our Father’s illness. We cared for him as we could at home and were so relieved when you accepted him. You definatly saved our Mother from further injury and stress by allowing him to come to Hallmark. We will always remember our time there with gratefulness.

B. & K Weaver

Although this may be an overlooked task, I feel that I must bring to your attention the outstanding care our patients had received. I am of course, very delighted to have had the pleasure of speaking with the families of Betty H., Raymond V., Richard B., Mario C., Marie S., and Francis B. They have all expressed their satisfaction and gratitude towards the care that they have received.

This is an expression of my great appreciation for all the love, care and friendships the entire Hallmark staff gave to my mother, Odette R. I write this in behalf of my sister, Myrna and her family as well.

the Hallmark provided Mom with a life of dignity and independence as well as a safe and happy home environment. It also gave her six wonderful years for a peaceful and productive life throughout her nineties.

I recently spent 5 months in Hallmark Assisted Living in Palm Springs, CA. They have a family type atmosphere that makes you feel at home. Everyone is friendly and the staff work hard to keep you busy with activities and entertainment. Some residents have lived there a long time and made lasting friends. The chef makes a variety of food, one special talent is his soups. Everyone says the food is good. The families of residents are made to feel welcome and treated like family. The view from the rooms are beautiful with palm trees and the beautiful San Jacinto mountains.

Fannie H.

My family and I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful care and thoughtfulness you gave Tom and all of us. It was a pleasure to arrive there each day, knowing we were welcomed with smiles and hugs at anytime of day or night. Between Hallmark and hospice Tom had better care than we could give him at home, I believe it truly saved my life. I will never forget any of you.


Hildy W.
P.S. The food was great all the time and the dining room so pleasant and clean

Chantelle, Jeff, Annie, Paige, all Staff and most of all to all the caring angels on the second floor, Each one of you at Hallmark is an unsung hero, your love and dedication means so much to the family of Louise S. From deep in our hearts, thank you.

L. Simonson