My father, E. Grant (Sr.) lived until he was 95 years old. He spent his final years living at Hallmark. I know he was quite satisfied there because he told me so. In addition, I made it a point to observe the facility while he was living there.

Hallmark was always immaculate. My father’s room was cleaned daily. There were numerous food selections for each meal. The staff was great. It was very reassuring to know he was looked on by staff many times each day. More importantly, it was the only assisted living facility my father lived in where I could verify someone was looking in on him. Hallmark has sign-in sheets. The person looking in on him would sign their name, date, and time they looked in on him.
There medical staff was great. they would obtain, re-order, and administer the numerous medicines my father needed each day. Hallmark’s transportation van became a godsend when my father became wheelchair bound. It was easy to put him in the van and transport him back and forth from his monthly doctor appointments.
Assuming I live that long, and need an assisted living facility, then I would place myself in Hallmark. I can’t think of any better recommendation than that.
E. Grant